Disappearing under Blankets

I have finished another blanket. They are now getting a bit out of hand now, after all there are only so many blankets you can use on a regular basis!


I used King Cole Flash in Summer Fruit and just knitted in garter stitch until I ran out of yarn.


I have recently got a car of my own and really needed a car blanket so this blanket does have a use!


Little Houses

I made some little cardboard houses from a pattern I found online here.


Cake decorations are the perfect size to go with the houses so I added some trees and a deer.


My favourite thing from making these houses was using my glittery glue sticks in the glue gun. They work really well and you don’t end up with glitter everywhere.

New York

We spent two wonderful weeks on holiday in New York staying in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Pauly and I did lots of amazing things, you can read all about it here so I am not going to write about it. I am just going to share some of my favourite photos, not just famous sights, but also little things I really enjoyed.

IMG_2203 IMG_2281 IMG_2332 IMG_2338 IMG_2356 IMG_2430 IMG_2435 IMG_2501 IMG_2568 IMG_2616 IMG_2631 IMG_2691 IMG_2764 IMG_2780 IMG_2870 IMG_2911 IMG_2924 IMG_2973 IMG_1884 IMG_1945 IMG_1956 IMG_1964 IMG_3023 IMG_3108









Creating a Scrapbook

I have been making a scrapbook of our holiday from last year. For me a scrapbook is about little things that I collect that remind me of holidays or exciting events. This is not the same as scrapbooking. It is mostly just sticking!

I like to get a nice notebook or album, ideally spiral bound, and stick my treasures in along with the odd piece of writing. These pages are from my summer holiday scrapbook of 1993.


I have been using a similar approach for my latest scrapbook, but adding some interesting lettering, something new I have been trying.


I have been really enjoying making this scrapbook and look forward to my next one which will hopefully be a bit different.

Toucan Dress

Recently we had to go to a party in fancy dress. The theme was to go as the drink that you were taking with you. I decided to make a dress using the Cloud 9 toucan fabric we had at Berylune and go as a tequila sunrise, it was more or less the right colours!


I used the Mortmain bodice and added a gathered skirt. I am very pleased with the dress and look forward to wearing it lots. For the party I added an oversized cocktail umbrella and a big petticoat.


Vampire Dress

I have made another Mortmain dress and this time I added some piping to the neck and waistband. It worked really well.


This dress is made from fabric featuring vampires at the cinema, making it my vampire movie dress. I am very pleased I found this fabric as I was looking online to see if there was anything good with vampires on it. This is perfect!

Tiny Car Dress

This is my fifth Mortmain dress, I love sewing and wearing them so much I can’t stop! This time I have made a gathered skirt. I am very happy with it.

The fabric is cream with lots of tiny cars in bright colours. To make the dress more interesting I used bright orange bias binding round the neck and armholes.


The Mortmain

Last week I bought myself some fabric and a pattern from Berylune. I used my long Bank Holiday weekend to make a dress. The pattern is The Mortmain from Gather. I really like the feel of the pattern envelope and all the illustrations. I found the instructions easy to follow and enjoyed making this dress, I have even cut out the next one already!

I love the shape of the dress and look forward to trying it with an exposed zip. I wasn’t able to get the right zip in time to sew it this weekend so just used a normal one.


I love the Cloud 9 fabric and took more care than I usually do cutting it out as I wanted the scissors running up and down on the skirt and bodice, but across on the waistband. I am really pleased with how this worked.